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Squat 69
Blændet af Solen
Hvordan de danser
Pig Me

The competitive entries in this exceptional program of new Danish films
will play as a group, with the director and producer of Alliancen in attendance at the festival. Film details are given in the appropriate categories below.

Very special thanks to Beofilm, the Animation Workshop, Fridthjof Film A/S, the Danish Immigrant Museum, and the Embassy of Denmark.


Fatally Flawed
Director: J.T. Waldron
1 hour 58 min; USA; 2009
Website (trailer available on the site)

What happens when voters refuse to be bulldozed by a suspicious two billion dollar transportation plan and decide to challenge the established local elections system? The camera captures the story ahead of the news, creating not only a real-time cinema verite, but a moving document of triumph and heartache in the face of monolithic government opposition. It is the story of a group of intrepid citizens who demand answers to the question: When big money is involved, do our votes really count?

Garbage Dreams
Director: Mai Iskander
1 hr 19 min; Egypt; 2009

The world's largest garbage village is located on the outskirts of Cairo and home to 60,000 Zaballeen, Arabic for garbage people. Far ahead of any modern "Green" initiatives, the Zaballeen survive by recycling 80% of the garbage they collect. When their community is suddenly faced with the globalization of its trade, each of the teenage boys followed in this documentary is forced to make choices that will impact his future and the survival of his community.

Handmade Nation
Director: Faythe Levine
1 hour 2 min; USA; 2008

A document of the emerging American indie craft community and its compelling blend of historical technique, punk culture, and the D.I.Y. ethos. This documentary explores thirteen makers who work within a variety of media and different methodologies, providing a microcosm of the crafting community. Together they have forged a new economy and lifestyle based on creativity, determination, and networking.

Director: Geralyn Pezanoski
1 hour 20 min; USA; 2009

This gripping, character-driven documentary follows New Orleans residents who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina, as they attempt the daunting task of trying to reunite with their pets who have been adopted by families all over the country, and chronicles the custody battles that arise when two families love the same pet. Who determines the fate of the animals – and the people – involved?

Director: Kate Perotti
1 hour 31 min; Canada, USA; 2008

This documentary tells the story of the emergence of mom rock bands around the United States. Introducing the Mydols, Housewives on Prozac, Placenta, CandyBand and Frump, they'll rock your socks off and give a new twist to modern motherhood.

Proceed and Be Bold!
Director: Laura Zinger
1 hour 38 min; USA; 2008

Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. is a printing press and book artist, but he wasn't always an artist. He used to live a middle class life like many other Americans, with a family and a job as a computer programmer at an international telecommunications company. Today, he is widely known for his controversial posters and book art.

Small Town Silver Screen
Director: Bryce Jarrett
1 hour 18 min; USA; 2008

This inspiring documentary tells the story of historic, small-town theaters, their owners and their movie-goers in rural South Dakota. It focuses on the theater's origins, closings, and eventual revival by community members, as well as the struggle to compete with big-city multiplexes.

Squat 69 (500 Stenkastende Autonome Voldspsykopater fra Helvede)
Directors: Anders Hornstrup, David B. Sørensen,
Morten Revsgaard Frederiksen, Toke Gade Crone Kristiansen
1 hour 21 min; Denmark; 2007

"For Sale! Including 500 violent stone throwers from Hell," was the message from the controversial squat Ungdomshuset
in Copenhagen, Denmark. The film takes a balanced look behind the barricades and follows the definitive last year in the life of the squatters before all was demolished in March 2007 and riots broke out in Copenhagen.

Voices from Inside: Israelis Speak
Director: Lucy Martens
1 hr 5 min; Germany; 2008

Voices From Inside is based on the stories of 16 Jewish Israeli voices of conscience, each representing a different facet of the peace movement inside Israel. Through their eyes and unique perspectives, the film traces Zionism from its beginnings to the reality that exists today, with brutal honesty.


16 to Life
Director: Becky Smith
1 hour 30 min; USA; 2009

Kate is a rural American teenager whose angst about sexual inexperience drives a comic quest for love and understanding on a birthday to end all birthdays. Before the clock strikes midnight, Kate will learn more about love than most 16-year-olds could imagine. And Kate will learn what a 16-year-old American girl has in common with a 16-year-old Chinese girl half a world, and a cultural revolution, away.

Bronx Paradise
Director: William Lappe
1 hour 48 min; USA; 2008

Based on the true story of Wayne Gurman's struggle to raise a family while working with criminal associates, the story follows Wayne as he tears through the mean streets of the Bronx, losing friends, making enemies and fighting against the odds to find Paradise.

Resist Evil, Part One: Dropping Evil
Director: Adam Protextor
1 hour 26 min; USA; 2009

Four teenagers unwittingly cause God's disappearance as a mysterious corporation, led by Armin Shimerman of Star Trek: DS9 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame, monitors the entire event.

Route 30
Director: John Putch
1 hour 28 min; USA; 2008

A hilarious comedy with three interconnecting stories from the backwoods of South Central Pennsylvania. Where else can you find a Civil War tour guide, an Internet porn schemer, a Christian Scientist, a smoking, drinking and TV-watching Amish woman, and... Bigfoot all in one place?

Sum of the Parts
Director: Raymond Steers
1 hour 36 min; USA; 2008

Batty Krieg never knew much about his father. But when he finds himself with a murdered best friend and a mysterious device that people seem willing to kill for, he must dig into his past and become the man his father was, literally. This feature blends action, science fiction, and innovative camera techniques in a captivating, suspenseful thrill ride.


Director: Yung-Jui Lee
3 min; USA; 2009

An animated tale of a grumpy magician and his naive assistant who has an unusual reaction to the swords-through-the-cabinet trick.

Director: Malik Bruun
5 min; Denmark; 2009

Katrine is a short, small, poetic attempt to grasp the air between spoken words.

Directors: Jeanette Nørgaard, Marie Thorhauge, Marie Jørgensen, Mette Ilene Holmriis
7 min; Denmark; 2009

Leitmotif is the story about the last, lonely member of a jazz band, who is only living through music and the daily visits of a neighborhood cat. But one day the nostalgia takes over and the jazz musician gets an idea so crazy idea that even the cat is taken aback.

More from Life
Director: Steven Vander Meer
9 min; USA; 2009

Hand-drawn images melt, slip, slide, overlap, disintegrate, reintegrate and transmogrify, until the film becomes one continuous, moving, drawing.

Director: Ronnie Cramer
5 min; USA; 2008

One hundred of your favorite celebrity mug shots morph from one to the next. The minimalist, trance-like soundtrack adds to the hypnotic effect.

A Night at the Office
Director: T.A. Vanden Akker
20 min; USA; 2009

This production provides a unique use of live actors creating visual metaphors without the benefit of faces, 3D animated characters without dialog, and musical storytelling to carry the narrative. This film is a collaboration of animators in India, musicians, compositers, and editors in Michigan, and live action, in-studio production crews in West Virgina.

Night of the Rooster
Director: Katherine Grimes
3 min; USA; 2008

A young girl, plagued by a belly full of angry seeds, is transformed into a feather by a magic rooster. They journey through the night sky, then sow the clouds with seeds, which grow into trees of stars.

Particle Vortex
Director: Todd Kesterson
2 min; USA; 2007

This animation is an artistic interpretation and variations of an evolving particle vortex, accompanied by a soundtrack expressing related mathematical equations.

Pig Me
Directors: By Marie-Louise H. Jensen, Israel Hernandez, Mette R. Tange, Rebecca S. Sørensen, Ditte Gade
7 min; Denmark; 2009

A pig escapes from a slaughterhouse and finds his way to a pet shop, soon discovering the warm atmosphere between the customers and the animals that are bought. But no one wants to buy a pig. Not for kids!

Root Explorations
Director: Todd Kesterson
2 min; USA; 2007

This project is an exploration of relationships between natural forms and 3D-modeled imagery. It involved the digitizing of a tree root structure in the field. The resulting 3D form was modified, animated and composited to create a virtual tour of an often overlooked natural structure.

Director: Nicole Gallagher
3 min; Denmark; 2009

A rebellious sheep seeks vengeance on an unprepared wolf. Even though he is well-prepared for battle, tampering with the natural order of the food chain is a dangerous venture. Who will prevail?

Director: Qian Shi
4 min; China; 2009

1900, winter, London. A memory of childhood. A poor craftsman is alone with his daughter. The father loves his daughter and he suffers because he cannot give her a better environment to grow up in.

The Ugly Bowl
Director: Charlie Cline
10 min; USA; 2009

A homemade bowl, too ugly to be useful, but too well-intentioned to throw away, goes on a quest for a more fulfilling existence.


An Arctic Journey in a Changing World
Director: Chris Gourley
30 min; Canada, USA; 2008

In 1994, the crossing of the Northwest Passage - a perilous stretch of water that connects the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans above North America - was attempted in a sailboat called the Cloud Nine. The attempt failed when arctic ice nearly crushed the hull. In 2007, the crew again attempted to sail the Passage, and found a much different polar environment. Though the tale could be more storytelling than science, the Cloud Nine may be "the canary just back from the coal mine, the ground zero of climate change."

Certain Adverse Events
Director: Nancy Edwards
53 min; USA; 2009

Dangerous antibiotics, fluoroquinolones, have been destroying the lives of healthy people. For years, the FDA turned a blind eye to this tragedy. Along with compelling insights from the titans at Public Citizen, this documentary emphasizes the human toll while showing little known aspects of the American prescription drug trade. Heartfelt interviews from a veteran pilot and a 9/11 widow illustrate how these drugs "can destroy a life for years and years.'"

Dan, Tom and Ray
Director: Douglas Mueller
4 min; USA; 2007

The filmmaker portrays his uncle, father and grandfather working together on an excavation project. This short documentary, shot in Iowa, features no dialogue but is supported by an Irish folk song.

Doin' It: Sex, Disability, and Videotape
Director: Salome Chasnoff
35 min; USA; 2007

A daring and humorous investigation into the uncharted intersection between disability and sexuality, this documentary is made by the Empowered Fe Fes (slang for female) as they educate themselves from many angles by talking with activists, educators and scholars, challenging the notion that people with disabilities are not fully sexual human beings.

Fishin' for Tradition: The Lutefisk Saga
Director: Eric J. Nelson
30 min; USA; 2009

Take a dried slab of codfish, reconstitute it by soaking in lye and what have you got? Hint: It's not a rat poison. It's a delicacy enjoyed by Norwegians and their descendants for hundreds of years. Nowadays, Norwegian-Americans honor their heritage and carry on the age-old tradition of eating lutefisk (literally, lye fish). But with most eaters in an aging demographic, it is unclear whether the younger generations will carry on this rite of passage.

The Heart Spoke
Director: Hadrien Don Fayel
22 min; France; 2009

An experimental portrait of Jean Touzet, pioneer of the Cannes Festival. For the first thirty years of his life Touzet explored various artistic fields, being alternately an actor, a pianist, a conductor. When he was offered the chance to give life to the Cannes Festival, he dealt with all the administrative issues in an artistic way.

Director: Ciro Altabás
50 min; Spain; 2008

The filmmaker started on a simple journey to witness the release of a video-game console in Japan, yet little by little it changed into a showcase of some of the many wonderful ways in which the Japanese spend their leisure time.

Hvordan de danser
Director: Jesper Ravn
6 min; Denmark; 2008

A documentary about ordinary people who love to dance: Lis is a teacher, Peter is a gardener, Claus is a writer and Simone is a student. How do they dance? The film is a funny and unconventional portrait of these people.

Karearea: The Pine Falcon
Director: Sandy Crichton
49 min; New Zealand; 2008

Wildlife photographer George Chance spent the 1970s following and studying the New Zealand Falcon; now some thirty years later he is suffering from ill health and going blind. Filmmaker Sandy Crichton gets ever closer to a remarkable wild population of falcons as he attempts to realize George's dream by adding movement to his photographs.

My Pen Pal: An African Adventure
Director: Shaun Donahue
35 min; Tanzania, USA; 2009

A 10-year-old California girl travels to Tanzania to meet her pen pal. She has many exciting adventures along the way in this heartwarming story of cultural exchange.

Night Bus
Director: Todd Lillethun
27 min; USA; 2009

A street outreach team confronts poverty and homelessness on Chicago's west side. Shot over six months in verite format, they show how personal relationships become a means of survival to the familiar faces they encounter, and perhaps a chance for change. The lead worker eventually leaves from burnout, and his replacement must renew the meaning in the team's mission.

Presenting Mister Lincoln
Director: John Richard
15 min; USA; 2009

Twenty years ago, Lance Mack first realized his resemblance to Abraham Lincoln. This short documentary filmed in eastern Iowa takes a glimpse into his life and connects his experience to the themes of American history, religion and family.

Director: Nisha Ligon
23 min; UK, USA; 2009

Combining interviews with some of the world's foremost risk scholars and archive footage, this exploration of the concept of risk and how our brains perceive it explores topics from smokers ignoring cumulative risk to the possibility of artificial intelligence wiping out humanity.


Director: Ask Hasselbalch
25 min; Denmark; 2008

Mille, a misfit teenager, is babysitting one night for a wealthy couple. Shortly after they leave the house, a woman with a hidden agenda shows up on the doorstep. Mille and the woman form an alliance against the family – an alliance that is soon to show its disastrous consequences for everybody.

Director: Abraham Heisler
13 min; USA; 2008

It's Christmas in New York City and a con artist is posing as an angel and taking advantage of a homeless drunk. Will karma catch up with him?

The Altarnative
Director: Dan Gill
9 min; USA; 2008

With no dialogue but plenty of engaging music and cinematography, this film tells a story of cold feet and car theft.

Blændet af Solen
Director: Thomas Østgaard
30 min; Denmark; 2008

Ivan is set to win the village's annual sunflower competition. To help him, he has his best and only true friend, the girl Josefine. While the two are working together to grow the city's largest sunflower, Ivan's feelings towards Josefine start to grow. But Ivan discovers to his great surprise that Josefine hides a dark secret.

Director: John Sobrack
25 min; USA; 2009

A boy meets boy meets boy meets... musical. With dance and song numbers set in a chat room, tennis court and barbershop, this musical is both sweet and fun, with a soupçon of acerbic wit.

The Dirt on You
Director: Jeremy Braverman
21 min; USA; 2008

Sam worked hard his whole life so he could retire early. Now that he's made it... he doesn't know what to do with himself. In a rut and showing no signs of breaking out of it, his situation is further complicated when he starts to suspect his wife Julia has been having an affair. As Sam sets out to prove his suspicions he suddenly finds his life crumbling around him, and he and Julia must confront their problems to save their marriage.

En el Apartamento
Director: Mario San Emeterio
12 min; Spain; 2008

In this moody short, Pablo and Sara visit an apartment up for rent. When Paula, the woman from the real estate agency, arrives the situation becomes uncomfortable. Strangely enough, Pablo and the realtor seem to be hiding something.

Eye of the Holy See
Director: David Schmidt
19 min; USA; 2008

The Pope directs a secret agent to intervene when he learns that Benito Mussolini is still alive -- and building an atomic bomb. Rather than let Il Duce rule the world, the agent infiltrates a secret hide-out where he finds a martial arts expert with a bad attitude, a beautiful woman with a knife, and a lot more nuclear physics than he ever wished for. When danger calls, beware my darling.

First and Last
Director: Damien Patrik
11 min; USA; 2008

Sedona, Arizona. A landlord. And a hundred crackpot tenants.

Director: Kincaid Walker
12 min; USA; 2009

Emma, an anguished, young wife, is haunted by nightmares of the recent miscarriage of her baby. On the one-month anniversary of this tragic event, Emma bares her grief in the refuge of her psychiatrist's office and gets an unlikely revenge on her unfaithful husband.

Hidden Hearts
Director: Caity Birmingham
15 min; USA; 2009

Siblings Jim and Jo roam the Iowa countryside on a quest to find their father's family and the old farmhouse of their memories, but when they find the perfect home, they must distinguish their fairytale from reality.

El Hilo de Oro
Director: Diego Sanchidrián
19 min; Spain; 2007

Sometimes, mystifying bonds set connections among people. Bonds which overcome distance, unawareness and oblivion. And, when these bonds are created, they can become what we need to survive.

Manual Práctico del Amigo Imaginario (abreviado)
Director: Ciro Altabás
19 min; Spain; 2008

Fernando is a shy 27-year-old young man who receives the visit of an old classmate, Iratxe. This arouses jealousy in his imaginary friend, Captain Kiloton, a superhero who had stood by his side since he was a kid, and who feels their friendship is now in jeopardy.

Maxwell's Demon
Director: John Robinson
17 min; USA; 2009

Max, ayoung physicist consumed by his work in thermodynamics, is thrown into a personal hell when an accident during an experiment leaves his young wife dead and Max phasing in and out of the space-time continuum. Traveling ever further back in time, Max must enlist his wife’s help.

Director: Fenar Ahmad
25 min; Denmark; 2008

In the year 2020, the Coalition has left Iraq, and the country is in civil war. A group of Iraqis are hiding underground; their lives are followed through the eyes of the boy Tariq, who is about to make a difficult decision.

The Miracle
Director: Jeffrey Jon Smith
29 min; USA; 2008

For a chance at redemption, Tekki Lomnicki, a little person, will need all her courage, humor and imagination to face the truth about her life.

Photon Toaster
Directors: Justin Isbell & Adam Chown
24 min; USA; 2009

Chuck and Teddy are sent to a remote cabin in the Northern woods of Michigan. Things go wrong fast, and they are forced to fend for themselves as they search for the dangerous and elusive wendigo, a mythical cannibal they hope to document for Photon Toaster Magazine. Do fame and fortune await them at the cabin, or something more horrific?

Ponyboy The Musical
Director: Ryan Piotrowicz
10 min; USA; 2008

An operatic saga of a kindly stable boy who finds freedom rom tyranny, but must seek vengeance for the ponies he loves.

Punch Out
Director: Matthew Kenney
28 min; Canada; 2008

It's the middle of the 1980s and 17-year-old Matt Ratner likes to get punched in the face. Growing up isn't as easy as it looks as Matt and six of his friends mature in ways that would make the Breakfast Club blush.

Director: Michael Tringe
23 min; USA; 2008

When Jason confesses a secret about himself to the youth minister, a secret that his family also soon discovers, his place on the family farm is placed in question. Jason must prove to both himself and his family that he still belongs, even if it means a lifetime of sacrifice.

Director: David Moreno
10 min; Spain; 2009

We all have secrets. We all have family. We all search for happiness. What if we share our secrets and search for happiness together?

Staff Infection
Director: Kevin Sonnichsen
12 min; USA; 2009

What would Landlocked be without a zombie movie? Staff Infection is a horror/comedy about life after death... in your office.

True Beauty This Night
Director: Peter Besson
10 min; USA; 2009

Last night, Rhett Somers met the love of his life. Now all he has to do is convince her she's the one. Not an easy feat considering how they met....

A War for II
Director: Braden Boe
17 min; USA; 2009

A war film where enemies have to save each other to save themselves. While battling in 1944 France, a U.S. soldier is left for dead. He awakens to capture a German soldier. He takes it upon himself to escort the prisoner back.

A Xinecóloga
Director: Alfonso Camarero
10 min; Spain; 2008

A gynecologist is working at her hospital as she does everyday. But the next patient.... is a boy!

Director: Brooks Tomb
14 min; USA; 2008

A lonely, prim woman goes on a dark adventure after a revelation prompts her to say "yes," literally, to everything.

You Are Not Frank Sinatra
Director: Mike McShane
45 min; USA; 2009

A day, and a night, and then some in Gainesville, Florida, as a much-loved bar is closing and the poetry-slam slackers are celebrating one last night, fueled by a man who sings one Sinatra tune after another, and does so beautifully.


Blood Horizon
Director: Benjamin Rogerson
17 min; USA; 2009

Three men evade the law after stealing an armored truck and then betray one another, changing their lives forever. Duke and Kris steal an armored truck and bury it in the New Mexico desert. Duke's brother, Jerome, tied up in the back of the truck, knows nothing of the heist.

Director:  Alex Megaro
3 min; USA; 2007

A Samurai, preparing for ritual suicide, or Seppuku, reflects on his past, attempting to decipher exactly what it is that makes one's life honorable.

Christmas Thieves
Director: Hanjin Park
9 min; USA; 2009

Two recently fired pizzeria employees independently decide to take revenge against their former employer. Their plan? Burglarizing his home on Christmas Eve. The surprise of running into another burglar leads to a disastrous and hilarious fight that leaves them both tied up in Christmas tree lights.

Director: James Niebuhr
5 min; USA; 2008

Using ingenuity and DIY resourcefulness, a young man pursues his unlikely dream of flight. Does he succeed?

Gifts of Seeing
Director: Andrea Olivier
15 min; USA; 2007

Four animated digital narratives of memories from the lives of four different women are presented in this short documentary.

Director: Kerry Furrh
3 min; USA; 2008

A story about how imagination can become your own personal hideaway from reality, but it never lasts forever.

The Hill
Director: Kellin Johnson
32 min; USA; 2009

Lt. Gage and his squad of the 2nd infantry division are a group of soldiers not looking to be heroes, but to execute every mission, even if it means death for their friends and brothers. The Hill must be taken.

Director: Jordan Crabtree
7 min; USA; 2009

A young man is shocked into life after witnessing the devastating decision of a close friend.

Iowa Girls
Director: Donna Reyes
29 min; USA; 2008

The unique game of six-on-six basketball was played by generations of women in Iowa decades before Title IX. Six-on-six was the number one spectator sport in the state for nearly a century. It was so popular that the girls regularly played before sellout crowds, and attendance at their games often exceeded that of the boys' games.

La Luz del Perdon
Director: Eileen Richardson
15 min; USA; 2009

This experimental documentary is a hand-processed and -manipulated film journey of emotions and a personal documentary that uses abstract imagery to represent the fear of rejection, homosexuality, memories of childhood and the ultimate light found in forgiveness.

The Mole
Director: Katie Mahalic
10 min; USA; 2008

After getting struck by lightning, a man who is plagued by an explosive bleeding mole is saved by an agoraphobic woman who is afraid of people, blood, and germs. Could this once-in-a-million situation lead to romance for the awkward and anti-social duo?

Director: Aaron Holmes
5 min; USA; 2008

In this clever and delightful claymation, the peace between two neighbors is suddenly and strangely disrupted. As jealousy builds, they find themselves pushed closer and closer to the breaking point.

Small Comforts
Director: Hannah Dallman
10 min; USA; 2008

This childhood drama is about a little girl, Moira, who accepts her new family arrangement by recreating the comforts of home herself.

Two Miles Below the Surface
Director: Blake Houston
7 min; USA; 2009

This tribute to the classic sci-fi and film noir genres takes place in a secret U.S. government location where an un-named official is questioning a young man about a possible U.F.O sighting.

Use Only as Needed
Director: Nicolaas Bertelsen
6 min; USA; 2008

If sound meant pain, how far would you go to stop the noise? Tom's hearing problem is debilitating, but will the solution be even worse?

The Zonus Project
Director: Torrance Carroll
1 hr; USA; 2008

Lance Carter is a scientist at a research institute associated with the leading political party, the United Collegiate, where he is working on a revolutionary technology. Accused of aiding the UC's bitter political rivals, Lance is forced to choose sides. And did we mention that all roles are played by Lego people?

International films are subtitled in English where appropriate.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the films and videos shown at the festival are not necessarily the views and opinions of Landlocked Film Festival or any person associated with Landlocked Film Festival.  Independent filmmakers share diverse and sometimes controversial subject matter and viewpoints with their audiences. Independent films are also generally not rated by the MPAA. For the benefit of our audiences we will attempt to provide guidance for teens and children.




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